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July 8th 2024

New Features

  • 8 New Blocks Added - Expand your design capabilities with the latest additions to our block library:

    • CTA Banner 1

    • CTA Banner 2

    • Hero with Form 1 (integrated form)

    • Hero with Form 2 (integrated form)

    • Hero with Form 3 (integrated form)

    • Hero 4

    • Hero 5

    • Header 3

Bug fixes & Improvements

  • Legacy Integrations - Removed unsupported legacy integrations.

  • Broken UI on Sidebar Collapse: Fixed an issue where the UI would break when sidebars are collapsed, and the user clicks "Add custom domain."

  • Adding First Link in Menu: Resolved the problem where users couldn't add the first link when the menu was empty.

  • Custom Domain Verification: The "Verify" button now correctly updates the table status values.

June 27th 2024

New Features

  • Video-Supporting Hero Block - Introduce dynamic visuals to your website with the new hero block that natively supports video playing.

  • Parallax Effect Hero Block - Add depth and motion to your hero sections with the parallax effect.

  • New Feature 5 Block Variant - Expand your design possibilities with a new variant of the Feature 5 block.

Bug Fixes & Improvements

  • Collaborator Locking Issue - Fixed an issue where clicking on a block in a website frame would lock it for other collaborators. Now, blocks on the frame and canvas behave as intended.

June 24th 2024

New Features

  • 37 New Fonts Added - We’ve added 37 new fonts to give you more creative freedom and stylistic options.

  • Six New Blocks Added - Expand your content creation toolkit with six new blocks.

  • Improved First-Time Onboarding Experience - Get started with ease through an enhanced onboarding process.

  • Image Alignment Flexibility in Feature Block - Customize your feature blocks with greater ease by swapping the image alignment.

  • Last Edited Date on Project Thumbnails - Stay informed with new project management capabilities.

Bug Fixes & Improvements

  • Email Comment Redirect Issue: Fixed an issue where clicking "view comment" in an email didn't redirect users to the comment after signing in.

  • Brief Cutouts: Resolved an issue where Muse didn't cut out a section (e.g., audience) when improving a brief.

  • Other Fixes: Other bug fixes and quality improvements to enhance overall functionality and user experience.

June 20th 2024

  • Added new Muse capabilities. Muse can now:

    • come up with the list of competitors

    • summarize it's response into notes

    • chat with users about the element they selected

  • Users can now create a "Project invite link" that they can share with others

  • New users now land directly into the canvas after sign-up

  • Added a "Remind to visit from desktop" e-mail that users can request while browsing Scene on their mobile phone

  • Clicking on a style now opens a style selector dropdown

  • Fixed the issue that the changes in Integrations were reflecting in UI only after they were submitted

June 13th 2024

  • Improved ability to add block into page frame by showing dropzones on-hover during add block mode

  • Clicking on "add another item" now duplicate styles

  • Holding mouse wheel now act as panning (holding space and moving)

  • Fixed Bold button in WYSIWYG rendering text as font-weight: bold in canvas, but as font-weight: bolder in preview

  • Fixed Increment / decrement values with arrow keys not working

  • Fixed email notification having wrong username in the message preview

June 9th 2024

  • Implemented switch-between-rem-and-px behavior
    Implemented redirect to canvas after creating a project

  • Redesigned sidebar actions for better usability

  • Redesigned block picker

  • Replaced page title with page slug for better navigation

  • Fixed comment position during AI note toggling

  • Fixed comment replies sorting

  • Fixed block order during clone page & duplicate block

  • Fixed FAQ accordion corner radius styles issue

  • Fixed avatars of users that were only occasionally not showing

  • Fixed left sidebar scroll to selection

  • Fixed unsupported actions shown in project dropdown

May 31st 2024

  • Move blocks anywhere on canvas

  • Ability to add draggable images and stickies

  • Page and Settings editor redesign

  • AI brief, wireframe and content creation

  • New commenting functionality

  • Publicly available sign up form

  • Lot's of improvements and bug fixes

April 12th 2024

  • Implemented an AI-powered feature for creating wireframes.

March 27th 2024

  • Added new social icons for buttons.

  • Integrated page animations to enhance visual effects.

  • Implemented new form blocks with Formspark integration, featuring Email List and Contact Form options.

March 15th 2024

  • Implemented the functionality to detach reusable blocks, allowing users to create local copies for independent editing without impacting the original reusable block.